We Design easy-to-use, attractive and functional websites

We design and build websites and web solutions for many industries – small websites to more complex large-scale web portals. To deliver high quality solutions, we utilize the very latest technology, standards, and skills combined with Agile Development Practices.

We excel at translating business needs into technical solutions to satisfy even the most complex challenges. Our approach is simple, and follows along a lifecycle of phases.  To Listen and Learn, Propose and collaborate, Design/Build and Test, Implement and Release, Train and Support.

Listen and Learn

Our team includes individuals with a variety of business and technical backgrounds, able to quickly understand your needs. To learn more about our team, click here.

Once we have an understanding of your business and its challenges, we  can then formulate a project “game” plan.

Propose and Collaborate

Listening & Learning provide a solid foundation upon which the rest of the project is  built. The W3 Web Team then presents a proposal outlining the solution, key deliverables, project assumptions, resource assessment, communications plan, and setup of the project controls (budget, risk management, issue management, and change management).

Design/Build and Test

The Design/Build phase involves the actual design and construction and testing of the system. Using the project plan defined within the proposal, the project is  delivered in iterations allowing you to validate the solution and ensure it meets your business and visual requirements. This iterative and interactive approach requires close collaboration with your team to ensure the project delivers a solution that meets all requirements.

Deployment and Implementation

As soon as you have approved the solution and the proposed production deployment plan, the team will begin the implementation phase. The system is installed in the production environment and made available to your target audience.

The W3 Web Team has now released your custom website solution to the live internet.


After going live, we will train your system’s end users to ensure that all the people who need to administer, or understand how the system works, do. Depending on the project, training can take place during the Implementation phase, or immediately after.


Once your system has been successfully implemented, the project moves into the Support phase. This is when support for your system is transitioned from the W3 Web Team project team over to the appropriate people and processes within your organization.

We rely on word of mouth from very happy clients; we are dedicated to ensuring that your application is up and running reliably and smoothly. We also offer a comprehensive range of extended maintenance and customized support services to meet your needs – from basic assistance for your support staff to 24/7 application and infrastructure support. Our service level agreement will ensure that response time expectations meet your organization’s requirements.

For more information about how the W3 Web Team can assist you, please contact us.