Web Design


We Design easy-to-use, attractive and functional websites

Custom Website Soluton serving Greater Houston Texas and San Diego California areas.

We provide professional and affordable website solutions optimized for any device. Our web solutions are designed to be user-friendly, engaging, fast, and search engine friendly.

We follow the following standards and practices when designing your web site.

Design easy-to-use, attractive and functional websites

As with any design effort involving branding, web design must:

  1. Match the corporate brand
  2. Appeal to the target audience

If your design doesn’t look better than that of your competition, you’ve got  a problem.   Perception drives a visceral response, and web design quality  directly affects a visitor’s perception of a company’s professionalism and the visitor’s interaction with the site.   Apart from brand attributes  and elements, web design demands its own set of specific requirements:

Usability “ Be easy to use “

Websites can be confusing.   Navigation tabs often don’t link to the information you might expect.   You’re not sure where to click or where  to find the information you’re seeking.   The art and science of making  sites easy to navigate is called “usability.” It combines:

  • Placement and prominence of elements
  • Navigation design and word choice
  • Integration of features

When designed properly, visitors know what to expect and where to go.  The path from learning what your company does, how your company does it,  and how the company can do it for the visitor is (or should be!) effortless.