Social Media Management


We Work to Get You the Highest Traffic For the Budget

Are you feeling the added weight of incorporating social media management into your everyday marketing tasks for your business? W3 Web Team’s social media experts can manage your online communities so you don’t have to! With several options to choose from, you are sure to find a maintenance package that fits your budget and marketing goals, while taking the weight off of your shoulders.

Our Process

  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons to your site.
  2. Add Facebook Like Box and other Social Plugins to your site.
  3. Add Open Graph to your site. Use Simple Facebook Connect plugin.
  4. Create a Facebook Page.
  5. Add Like Gate and other viral gates to the Facebook page.
  6. Add Twitter Buttons and Widgets on your site. Also use Simple Twitter Connect plugin.
  7. Create a Twitter profile for your brand. Use a hashtag to create a brand presence.
  8. Create a Google+ Page for your Site.
  9. Add Google+ Badge and Direct Connect features to your site
  10. Implement Google Authorship markup on your site.
  11. Have complete profiles on social networking sites. Include keywords in your profile descriptions to help with SEO.
  12. Organize your Google+ Circles.
  13. Redirect users from social media sites to a custom landing page.
  14. Engage your audience by sharing, tweeting, following, responding to their comments. Update regularly on the social networks.
  15. Link social profiles to each other. For example, link Facebook to Twitter and vice versa. Add your *social profiles to Google+.
  16. Use Twitter tools like TweetAdder, Buffer, TwitterFeed and GroupTweet.
  17. Optimize your blog’s RSS feed with Feedburner. Also use the RSS Footer plugin.
  18. Optionally make use of advertising options. Try Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Sponsored Tweets, Sponsored Stories, and Google’s Social Extensions with AdWords campaigns.
  19. Measure, analyze and refine your strategy. Leverage Social Metrics Pro, Facebook Insights, Google Webmaster Tools.

* Plans start at $350 monthly for us to manage this process. Contact us today to learn more.